There’s a fascinating heading in the NIV, half way through chapter 3. It says, “Robbing God”. It seems strange in some ways to think that we can steal from God, but the message of Malachi makes it clear that we can. He focuses on the need to teach faithfully (chp 1 & 2) because compromising on the word of the Lord steals something away from the Lord’s faithfulness, love and forgiveness. He focuses on the need to give faithfully (3:6-12), because not doing so limits the provision needed for the work of the Lord to flourish. And he focuses on the need to serve faithfully (3:13-18) and with complete humility because not to ignores the truth that Jesus is our servant-hearted Saviour and we’re called to be like Him. What has the message of Malachi got to say to Bromsgrove Baptist Church on this anniversary Sunday?