A heart for Prayer

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Emma Buchan, Thy Kingdom Come Project Director, writes:
“I am so excited about Thy Kingdom Come this year as we have been so intentional in our planning and thinking to produce resources that help the Church at this time. Where it has been such a challenging year for everyone, we really want Thy Kingdom Come to inspire people in their relationships with Christ, to gather those who have found online Church challenging and to resource children and young people in fun, spiritually nourishing ways. We hope and pray Pentecost is a time of great joy after what has been such a challenging season.”
Notice some of the key words in the above paragraph: “excited… intentional… relationship with Christ… spiritually nourishing… hope… joy…”.
Whilst those words are used as part of a particular global prayer initiative, they are not limited or set aside for a select few days of the year. Nor should we admire them as crafted by others for something they are doing in other places.
Prayer connects us in relationship with God and prayer connects our faith with our communities and the whole world. Our heart for prayer is revealed in our excitement that we can pray! It’s not something we stumble in and out of in an ad hoc way, but we are praying as Christians just as intentionally as we breathe to stay alive! Prayer nourishes our souls, brings hope and joy as we engage fully with all that the Lord is doing, and we participate personally as part of the answer to God’s transformational purposes for all people.
Join us over the coming weeks as we focus our hearts and minds fully on prayer!

Prayer-filled living.


1 Thessalonians 5 v16-18. That constancy of prayer not only involves a consistent fellowship with God but also an outworking of that relationship in the way we live our lives – daily, moment by moment, not just in the ‘big’ decisions of life. It means living out God’s love in the world which He created, […]

Problems with Prayer?


1 Kings 7 v 17-24, John 14 v 11-14, Luke 22 v 39-46, Acts 12 v 4-16 Feeling that you want the reassurance of your prayer being answered? Wondering if others know some secret of  successful  prayer? The Bible offers a vast range of situations where prayer was offered; where do you fit in?

Heal Bromsgrove’s hearts and streets with the gospel.


Matthew 5:1-12; 25:31-46. We do not need to set about replicating the exact examples of missional action in our communities that we heard about last week, unless God calls us into those kinds of things. God calls, empowers, and equips each church, each group of followers of Jesus, to build His kingdom in the ways […]

Heal our hearts, heal our streets, heal our world.


This year the annual Baptist Union Assembly is taking place virtually and we will join in with the Sunday morning Worship service together in our church building, or in our homes. The theme for the service will be “Heal our hearts, heal our streets, heal our world”. Shane Claiborne will be preaching – he is […]

What a friend.


Daniel 2: 17-23; 6:10; Esther 4:16 What a motivation to pray. As we turn our hearts once more towards Pentecost we are reminded that prayer connects us to a God who wants to change the world. If we are to see revival in our town and nation then we need to be investing time in prayer: […]