Mark’s Gospel – The Servant-King

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A short series based on Mark's Gospel.

and Peter…


Mark 14 – 16:8. “but go and tell his disciples and Peter……………..” Boastful Peter (14:26…) – even if they fall away I will not. Bleary-eyed Peter – watch and pray. Blustering Peter (14:66) with 1Peter 5: 5-6.  

Embracing this God-Life


Mark 11 to Mark 13. The key elements of discipleship. Prayer – Forgiveness (Mark 11:24) Knowing God and His word (Mark 12:24) Be watchful (Mark 12:38) Keep telling others about Jesus (Mark 13:10)

Authority over everything.


Mark 5 and 6. Chained – to be unchained by God. Challenged – to be transformed by God. Rescued – to be useful for God. Healed – to be restored to God. Ready – to be God’s voice in this world.

A new teaching, a new calling.


Mark 1 v 16 to Mark 2 v 22. Focus on Jesus calling the disciples to leave their old lives and begin a new life. Illustrated by healings, particularly Simon’s mother-in-law who began to serve after she was healed.