Sermons by Jean Spencer

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A question of faith.


Mark 4: 35 – 41. Do you know what it’s like to be rebuked with a question? It’s certainly something that Jesus did with surprising frequency. And there’s a fascinating example of this in the calming of the storm. Jesus and His disciples are sailing across a lake after a full day of teaching, when […]

The power of the question.


Luke 8 : 42 – 48. It’s a puzzling question, but one that changes a woman’s life. ‘Who touched me?’ A crazy thing to ask in the circumstances surely, but Jesus wants an answer. Is it because He doesn’t know who has touched Him? Or does He want the woman to know that He knows […]



Luke 9:1-10. What if Zacchaeus had been told NOT to climb trees? We need to stop drinking just milk and move to meat as well, no restrictions! Col 3:10 to 11 – All equal Isaiah 41:9 – Chosen / Picked / Supported by God to do His work.

Embracing this God-Life


Mark 11 to Mark 13. The key elements of discipleship. Prayer – Forgiveness (Mark 11:24) Knowing God and His word (Mark 12:24) Be watchful (Mark 12:38) Keep telling others about Jesus (Mark 13:10)

A new teaching, a new calling.


Mark 1 v 16 to Mark 2 v 22. Focus on Jesus calling the disciples to leave their old lives and begin a new life. Illustrated by healings, particularly Simon’s mother-in-law who began to serve after she was healed.