Open to God at Easter

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Yes, it’s Me.


Luke 24: 36-53. The unprecedented, sublime, enigmatic, paradoxical resurrection appearances of Christ continue to the end of Luke’s Gospel. Jesus appears among the disciples as if from nowhere and they panic. Surely, only a ghost could by-pass the need for an open door! However, this ‘ghost’ enjoys eating tilapia and invites the quivering disciples to […]

What’s it all about ?


Luke 24: 13-35, 38 The risen Christ walks alongside two disillusioned disciples and takes them on a ‘walk’ through the Scriptures. He helps them to see things in a new light. Familiar passages take on a new meaning. The old becomes new. Yet, although God has certainly done a “new thing” (!), it is a […]

You weren’t expecting that !


John 19:30, Matthew 27: 51, 51, 62-66, Luke 24: 1-8, ! Corinthians 15: 3-10. Matthew 27.62-66 tells us the religious leaders were worried about Jesus’ disciples spreading rumours of resurrection. (Hence the seal and guard on the tomb.) However, there’s little evidence Peter & Co. were expecting this or in any mood to make up […]

What did you expect ?


Luke 19:28-48. This passage is full of surprises! The disciples puzzled over what Jesus was up to, as did the owners of the colt. The Pharisees are scandalised by the “crowd of disciples” (v.37) using Messianic-sounding language. As for those doing business in the temple courts and the religious leaders, Jesus’ words and actions are […]