Hi and welcome to J Team!

If you come to us on a Sunday, you’ll stay in church with the adults for the first part of our usual weekly service. You might take an active role in the service, and sometimes have stories or songs included especially for you.

You come out into the church hall at around 11am for groups specifically designed for you. This part of your Sunday is called “J Team”.

J Team groups are designed to suit specific ages and we are currently using material from Scripture Union to guide the sessions:

Our current groups are split into:

School Years R – Year 5. Group leaders are Cathie, Emma and Diane (Helpers – Diane, Lin and David)
School Years 6 – Year 10, Group leaders are Craig and Claire.
School Years 11 upwards. Group leaders are Michelle, Jean and Claire.

At the start of the session, these groups all meet together in the main hall for 10 mins for a drink and a snack; and sometimes action songs or short activities. You’ll then go into your groups.

We all look at the same part of the Bible each week. For the younger ones there’s listening to (and sometimes helping to tell) stories from the Bible, and lots of fun craft activities, games, and music.

The older young people will look in more detail at that week’s Bible passage, often thinking about how this applies to you now, and of course there are often games, quizzes, music or craft for you too!

We also have themed activities for celebrations during the year such as Mother’s/Father’s day, Easter and Christmas.

Our Policies can be found here.

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