Coffee Pot

The Coffee Pot takes place on the third Thursday in the month from 10.30am-12.00 noon, serving tea, coffee, cakes and light refreshments.

The Coffee Pot is an ideal place to meet with friends and make new ones whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and a chat.

A warm welcome is given to everyone. We look forward to seeing you.


Life Groups

We have a number of Life Groups which meet at different times during the week. We believe our Life Groups are essential in the life of the Church and encourage everyone to be a part of the one that suits them.

It is important to worship and get to know one another as a whole church but within our Life Groups we can forge closer relationships, support one another, and encourage everyone in their journey with Christ.

We can identify four ‘core values’ for our Life Groups, conveniently organised by using LIFE as an acronym:-

  1. Living
  2. Inclusive
  3. Flexible
  4. Encouraging


  • Life Groups are about ‘doing life together’. So, the emphasis is on building relationships – with God and each other – rather than on attending a meeting.
  • Seeking God through prayer and looking at the Bible together will be central to each Life Group. However, groups may approach this in a variety of ways. The important thing is to be helping one another live as disciples and become more like Jesus.


  • Life Groups need to be open to new people, whether those who are already part of the Church or newcomers.
  • Ideally, new people will be invited by those already in the Life Group, though this might well be encouraged by someone else – e.g. one of the Ministers.
  • Everyone can be involved in encouraging others to join the Life Group.
  • Likewise, everyone can take responsibility for keeping in touch so that people feel both involved and supported.


  • Life Groups should anticipate change as newcomers are welcomed into the Church and new groups are formed.
  • Groups will benefit from having a core of people who will normally get together when meetings are held. Others may not be able to attend regularly or frequently but should still be actively encouraged to feel they belong to the Group.
  • Many Life Groups will want to meet every week and may well do so in someone’s home. However, this pattern does not have to be followed by everyone all the time.
  • So, for example, you might decide to meet twice a month, use different homes or try alternative venues (e.g. café, pub) and organise events instead of your normal meeting (e.g. BBQ, trip).


  • Encouragement is one of the most important things we can give to each other and vital for Life Groups!
  • A major way to do this is to pray for one another and also together for the life of our Church/ its mission. Life Groups will want to explore ways of encouraging prayer beyond their meetings.
  • As relationships grow and friendships deepen there will be opportunities to offer care and support in a variety of ways.
  • Confidentiality is vital when needs are shared for prayer or practical support.

We love just being together and doing life !

For further information about how to join a Life Group please contact us by email and someone will be in touch.

Our Safeguarding policy can be viewed here