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Daniel’s life and character provide help to those of us who are trying to live a distinctively Christian lives in the context of a secular society. The theme of godly living in an ungodly world is the focus in each of these studies. “How does Daniel change my life?” should be the underlying question…” (Quote from Scripture Union LifeBuilder Bible Studies, Daniel: Spiritual Living in a secular world).
The above quote says it all really. Daniel gives us the example of a man whose life and character upheld godly integrity in the midst of some of the most hostile and ungodly circumstances. The odds were overwhelming against Daniel and his friends; they were powerless exiles living in a hostile culture, but they lived through God-given opportunities into which they could demonstrate God’s truth through their acts of faith.
There is much we can learn from Daniel as we seek to be church that has been described as being in exile. God will speak into our post-Christendom / post-Christian context through the example of Daniel. How will we respond to what we see in Daniel? God is looking for us to emerge from these studies having discovered a renewed integrity, unity and spiritual depth of faith, even in the strangest of places and in the toughest of times.
This series will be another step in our journey with God as we commit to learning from him and his servants who have journeyed before us. That will enable us to have our verse for 2012 become a reality in us and through us: “You should be a light for other people. Live so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:15, ERV).
Overview of the book of Daniel / series structure:
Chapters 1-3: Daniel’s demonstration of faith unsettles the status quo in the nation of his captors.
Chapters 4-6: Three successive kings are challenged by Daniel’s example and make their own response to his example of faith.
Chapters 7-12: God imparts vision through Daniel of a world transformed by the Kingdom of God.