Fruitfulness on the frontline.

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How do we engage people and offer them help as they live and work in different areas. Their frontline, the point at which they interact with their neighbours, work colleagues, friends, even relatives and family will be different for each person; and in some cases different each day. We are not trying to apply biblical texts to the lives that people are experiencing, but we are trying to offer them access to the world of the Bible – not so much the ancient world of dusty roads and the rest, but the wild biblical world where God is at work and His people are willing to live faithfully for Him. But for all of us there is a sense that for us to live with this big picture feeding our imagination, we need to offer our lives so that we live worthily of the calling – the calling that is embraced by the Lordship of Jesus over every area of creation, the Lordship that redeems, renews, recreates and reconciles.

Modelling Godly Character .


Galatians 5: 13-26. Paul’s concern for the Galatians is that they don’t allow themselves to get side-tracked from their faith in Jesus. They were in danger of listening to those who suggested that Jesus was great and His death and resurrection were important – if only they stuck with the Jewish practice of the law […]

Created to be Fruitful.


Genesis 1:24-31, Colossians 1:1-20. This passage is such a highpoint of Paul’s writing. It has a majestic view of Jesus, the church and God’s plans for the whole world. It is a definite mountain top moment in the letter. Paul begins by reminding them that they have been brought out of one way of life […]