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Focused and consistent.


Galatians 2. Focused on Jesus, not on what others might think or say. Being consistent, walking a straight line rather than being hypocritical – as Paul thought Peter was being.

The Lord will restore.


Zechariah 1: 7-21. Zechariah 1:7 begins with the first of a series of 8 visions that Zechariah saw. In the first two (to the end of chapter 1), the main concern of the people is that they would see Him do something to bring about their restoration. Verse 12 holds their main question – “how […]

Making Good Work.


Genesis 1-2, Col 3.22-4.1. Working is part of being created, it’s part of why we are as we are, and that although we live in a frustrated and fallen world that affects everything we are involved in, we still can work in a way that brings glory to God. We were created to work – […]