Lord, teach us to pray.

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Our verse for 2015 is "Pray that Christ Jesus and the church will forever bring praise to God. His power at work in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine!" (Ephesians 3:20-21, CEV)

Not my will, but Your’s be done!


Last in the series “Lord, teach us to pray”. Receiving bread & wine in Communion is an opportunity to encounter the risen Christ! As we explore the dramatic events surrounding the Last Supper, we’ll consider the challenge of Jesus’ words to his disciples and His Father. What is God calling us to release so that […]

After the Fire


Fifth in the Series “Lord, teach us to pray”. The ‘still, small voice’ Elijah heard is best translated the ‘sound of sheer silence’. Throughout history, the people who have really known God are those prepared to wait, listen and be still. Why do we find it hard to do this and what are we missing […]

The Lord’s Prayer

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Fourth in the series “Lord,teach us to pray”. All-age worship with a multi-media exploration of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. Worth learning as a prayer, these familiar words also provide us with a pattern to guide our praying. An opportunity to explore together what Jesus taught his disciples and some of the different ways in which we […]

How long, O Lord?


Third in the teaching series – Lord, teach us to pray. What if it seems God isn’t answering our prayers? Can we trust that He will use testing times (cf. 1 Peter 1.3-25)? Praying through pain and with tears is very biblical. We sometimes overlook this and even avoid praying when times are tough. Why? […]

Knocking on heaven’s door.


Second in the series “Lord, teach us to pray”. Prayer opens us up to God, to others and to possibilities. When asked ‘Lord, teach us to pray!’, Jesus taught his disciples about persistence – primarily so that they would deepen their relationship with God and enter more fully into His kingdom purposes. What does this […]

Just do it!


First part of the Lord, teach us to pray series. What is prayer? How do we feel about prayer? What holds us back from praying – whether on our own or in the company of others? Why do we need to pray? An introduction to the series offering a challenge to each of us and […]