God Hears your Questions

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It’s so easy to say “God hears your questions” but I wonder how much we actually believe that to be true…? When we ask, when we pray, when we do that repeatedly but nothing seems to change or no answers can be found, do we still believe that God hears our questions? And if that’s how it is for us, what do people outside of a church family think?
The watching world around us is searching harder than ever before for answers. Whereas previous generations may not have even considered asking the church anything, it’s now reckoned that younger generations are open to engaging in conversation with the church to find out something of a God shaped answer to their questions.
That all being so, it’s important, that we give people the opportunity to ask questions, and that we attempt to answer them in a way that seeks to speak God’s transforming word of truth into life. That’s what we’ll be looking to do with this teaching series.