With God in transition.

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What was going on between God and His people during their years of wilderness wanderings? The people of God were experiencing an elongated time of change and uncertainty, but through it all God was consistent and unchanging. That needed to be the held on to and central to everything, but God’s people didn’t always find that easy to do!



Romans 12: 1-2. What does Sacrifice and Worship look like in our lives every day of the week.

Persecution, Partnership and Power.


Phillipians 1: 3 – 21 Persecution of the early christian church took the gospel in to places and to people where nothing else could reach them. This is still the same today as we are called to Partnership in the Gospel and to realise the Power of Testimony. So, what can I do (Ezek 22:30). […]

Be ready.


Deuteronomy 1:1-8, 34:1-9; Joshua 1:1-9. Any journey we look back on will have its times that felt good, as well as there being more challenging moments. Sometimes we want to stick with what we already know, but God’s intentional plan is always to move us on to the next part of the journey that He […]

Hold on to vision.


Exodus 32: 1 – 26. When Moses was away from the people, their attentiveness to all that they had been shown began to wane, and so they drifted away from God’s purposes and vision. The people were out of control and needed to be brought back to a closeness with God, whose faithful promises do […]

Trust without seeing.


Exodus 14: 1 – 31. When something doesn’t feel part of our preferred plan, it’s easy to spot. Not being able to see the whole of God’s plan in one go can limit our ability to trust fully, as well as the potential to cause us to verbalise our concerns. When we let that happen, […]

Accept the Lord’s timing.


Exodus 3:1 – 4:17; Jeremiah 29:10-13. When Moses responded to what he saw, he found himself in the presence of God, heard the voice of God, and experienced a new move of God in his life. God set not only the life Moses in a new direction, but also those who he would lead. Compassion, […]