Women of Easter

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Over the coming Sundays, as preparation for our Easter Celebration, we are going to look at the lives of three women named Mary. All three had very different personal encounters with Jesus which led them to be present at his crucifixion and then afterwards acknowledging his resurrection. “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” These women had an answer. They were there. They were present. They were faithful. They didn’t desert their Lord, as many had. If they looked away, we have no record of it. Even though their tears could not cleanse His wounds, the women were there. Even though their prayers could not stanch His bleeding, the women were there.

Mary Magdalene (cont.)


John 20 v1-18. Mary is mentioned by name 14 times across all four gospels – personal recognition from Jesus and others.  It was when she heard her name spoken from the mouth of Jesus that Mary realised it was Him. Power of the personal, spoken word. Her first thought and action after that personal encounter […]

Mary Magdalene – A woman who led the way in following Jesus.


Luke 8 v 1-3; John 19 v 25. From darkness to light – We don’t know whether Mary Magdalene was present and involved on what we now call Palm Sunday but as one of Jesus’ closest followers, she may well have been. Healed, delivered from demons, she continued to follow Jesus for her own protection […]

Mary of Bethany. A woman with insight.


John 12 v1-11; Matt 26 v6-13. Mary of Bethany. A woman with insight.  An ordinary occasion with five principal characters, made extraordinary by a deliberate act of lavish generosity which provoked a hostile response. Jesus used this incident to teach a universal truth. In so doing, ordinary people became world famous and still are today.

Mary, the mother of Jesus.


Luke 2; John 19 25-27. Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Present at Jesus’ first breath and final breath.  She pondered the visitors to His birth and then heard the pain of Simeon’s prophecy and Jesus being left at the temple.  Her faith was expressed at the first miracle, only to be rejected later along with […]