Spiritual Beings

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It is common for modern Bible readers to see God and humanity as the central characters of
the biblical story. But what if we told you that spiritual beings are just as vital to the message
of the Bible? They’re not just mysterious or strange background characters. For the biblical
authors, spiritual beings played a significant role in their conception of the world, to the
point of influencing human behaviour. If we are to read the biblical story with the authors’
ancient worldview in mind, we can’t ignore the presence of spiritual beings.

The Divine Council, Satan and the Deceiver


Psalm 89: 5-7, Job 1: 6-7 The biblical authors believed that Heaven and Earth are parallel realities, each inhabited by creatures that have been delegated with God’s blessing to rule and oversee that realm. These creatures are called “the host of heaven” and “the host of the land” (Gen. 2:1), or spiritual beings and humans. […]

Introduction and Elohim.


Genesis 1………….  Understanding spiritual beings in the Bible requires us to reorient ourselves to how the biblical authors saw the world, and to do that, we need to reconsider the story of Genesis chapter 1.