Connecting with God, Redeeming Son

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We began our “Connecting with God, Redeeming Son” journey with this prayer:
Pray - for an openness and willingness to be fully “Connecting with God” ourselves, so that as church together we will hear every word of God that He speaks to us and know exactly how to respond confidently and boldly.
So far we have focused on “Connecting with God: Our Father”, and our response as “Tenants of the King”. As we move on now to consider all that means to be connecting with God through Jesus as “Redeeming Son”, hold onto all that we’ve shared so far. Everything we’ve already thought about is inextricably bound to all that is to come.
“Connecting with God, Redeeming Son” will move our journey towards the cross, through our Easter celebrations, and beyond. This is where we’ll see and respond to the things that the Bible tells us that Jesus did, as well as all that He said. This is the heart of the Gospel narrative: that all will see, and know, and believe, and be transformed, and so live the blessing of the redeemed life through Jesus Christ.

Connecting with God, Redeeming Son: Expectations realigned.


Matthew 26:17-56, John 18:1-40. We live our lives with expectations – for us, our families, our work; but when events do not meet our expectations how do we handle that ? Peter, and the other disciples had expectations. Peter even went to the olive grove where they used to meet and pray, equipped to deal […]

Connecting with God, Redeeming Son: Anointed and triumphant.


John 12: 1-19. We readily, and understandably, focus on the celebrations of “Palm Sunday” as Jesus came into Jerusalem. It’s good that we do that, but we need to hold in mind the bigger picture. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because peace was hidden from their eyes (Lk. 19:41). Yet, without His “Triumphant Entry” into that […]

Connecting with God, Redeeming Son: Included and loved.


John 4:1-42. The example John uses in this chapter shows us a Samaritan woman who was on the edges of society, pushed out, and vulnerable. That doesn’t matter to Jesus. He sees beyond all of that, to a lost soul who needed to know that she was loved. Without that happening, living the redeemed life […]

Connecting with God, Redeeming Son: Signs and questions.


John 2:1-25; 6:1-24; 11:1-44; 7:1–8:59; 10:22-42; 11:45-57. Jesus knew that words on their own wouldn’t be enough, and so all that He did, from the everyday to the miraculous, would be needed for people to see their redemption in Him. The miracles that Jesus performed are given a high profile in all of the gospels. But […]

Connecting with God, Redeeming Son: Called into apprenticeship.


John 1:35-51; 3:1-16. When Jesus gave the invitation to “Come, follow me”, He wasn’t just offering an opportunity for people to be casual observers of all that He did, or avid listeners of all that He said. Doing those things would be important, but they needed to lead somewhere. The call was to be an […]

Connecting with God, Redeeming Son: Identity revealed.


John 1:1-34; 5:16-47; 6:25-71; 10:1-21. John starts his gospel writing with a careful examination of who Jesus is (Jn. 1:1-34), and repeatedly returns to that theme. Each return adds to our understanding of the fullness of who Jesus is so that we can connect fully with God as “Redeeming Son”. Embracing the fulness of Jesus […]