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Downfall and Deliverer – Othniel.


Judges 2:6 to 3:11. Although the narrative is found in the seventh book in the Bible – Judges, these were people raised up by God to bring “deliverance” to the people of Israel. This period of history is like a see-saw where the Israelites would follow after the gods of the other 6 tribes left […]

The rejection of the Messianic Shepherd-King.


Zechariah 11. The first 3 verses of chapter 11 are probably a poem of lament over all that is not as it should be with how people have received the Messianic King. Seeing those verses in that way help us to understand the rest of the chapter where we are shown the worthlessness of the […]

Jesus and the Psalms


Psalm 41, 25, 69, 118 and 22. Do we use the Psalms, not just as a book of poetry, but as our songbook of Worship and Prayer? Jesus used them on many occasions as encouragement to His followers, in answering questions, in responding to situations faced by others and Himself.