Destinations in Acts

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KEY VERSE: – Jesus said: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses… to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8, NIV)

The latter stages of our “Church in all its fullness” series, during July, has described the new / renewed Spirit-filled identity, purpose and boldness that we have available as we move forwards to the new chapter of our belonging, growing and serving. We will look to develop further what that means as we move into the “Frontline Sundays” / ‘This Time Tomorrow’ resource from LICC. Given the week-by-week continuity of the series to come, and the possibility of life groups studying related material alongside the Sunday teaching it seems most sensible to begin that series in September when there is a greater likelihood of regular involvement from the congregation beyond the main summer holiday period. August therefore gives us the opportunity to pause and sample more examples from Acts, and the associated letters to churches, of how the gospel was passed on in the early church times. It is hoped, that by selecting these examples from regions and cities that are now popular holiday destinations, it will also be possible to enhance the historical and geographical reality of the Biblical places in our minds, whilst also allowing some “Happy Holidays” feeling to be shared at a challenging time for the world, in the light of COVID-19, where many are not able to enjoy the usual holidays that would refresh them.

Consequently, it is encouraged that sermons / talks should include, where possible, plenty of pictures / maps to help describe geography and potentially include relevant timelines / notable historical events for the destinations discussed. It would also be good to hear first-hand accounts of the places where possible, potentially through an interview with someone who has travelled to that place being included.

Rome and sports.


Acts 28: 11 – 31; Romans 1: 1-17; 15: 13 – 16: 2. It was around 60 AD (cf 79 AD Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii) when Paul sailed up to the Bay of Naples, seemingly on a large Alexandrian grain ship, ( and then took the usual Via Appia walk (135miles, almost all uphill) up to […]

Cyprus and waterparks.


Acts 13: 1-12. Islands always seem to provide for good destinations. It is the first place the newly commissioned Paul and Barnabus (with John Mark) went once commissioned and they travelled the length of the island, 150 miles, (how long would that take? What would the terrain have been like?) taking the gospel message. Along […]

Jerusalem and history.


Acts 14: 23 – Acts 15: 29. Jerusalem has long been a key location in the life of the Hebrew faith, since David took it to be his capital city and the temple was built (and destroyed and built again). In the life of Jesus and the early church Jerusalem was very much the “power […]