Acts 28: 11 – 31; Romans 1: 1-17; 15: 13 – 16: 2.

It was around 60 AD (cf 79 AD Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii) when Paul sailed up to the Bay of Naples, seemingly on a large Alexandrian grain ship, ( and then took the usual Via Appia walk (135miles, almost all uphill) up to Rome. Forum of Appius / Appius Court 43 miles from Rome, Three Taverns – 33 miles from Rome were the sites where believers met Paul on his way in – the letter of Romans (56 AD) had been written ahead to them so they were as keen to see him as he was to see them. The Colosseum was after Paul’s time, death ~ AD 66, (, funded from the siege and ransacking of Jerusalem esp the temple (70 AD), and in part was used to help persecute the Christians.

Paul’s time in Rome was well used and as usual (Acts 28: 24) “some of them were persuaded by what he said, but others refused to believe a word of it”. “First to the Jews, then to the Gentiles” (Romans 1:16, NIV) “extraordinary message of God’s powerful plan to rescue everyone who trusts him”.