Acts 13: 1-12.

Islands always seem to provide for good destinations. It is the first place the newly commissioned Paul and Barnabus (with John Mark) went once commissioned and they travelled the length of the island, 150 miles, (how long would that take? What would the terrain have been like?) taking the gospel message. Along the way they met someone “crooked as a corkscrew” (the Message) – these days Cyprus seems to benefit from a number of waterparks (eg with some corkscrews that can be seen!

Some parts of Cyprus might have a reputation for getting “blind drunk” (Ayia Napa; it was a dramatic encounter for the crooked man who was plunged into “a shadowy mist” (intravitreal haemorrhage?) but the work of the Spirit led to the governor becoming a believer “full of enthusiasm”. Are we as enthusiastic about our faith as our holiday entertainments? Are we filled with the right Spirit?