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Paul’s letter to the churches in Galatia is about who the people of God are and how they should live in the world, both as individuals and as community. The letter stresses the freedom that having a relationship with Jesus brings. Freedom from sin and religion, freedom to live lives of joyful service of Jesus. Matt 5:17 reminds us that Jesus did not come to abolish the Law of the prophets, but to fulfil them so we could live as Spirit-led Christians. Paul’s view was one of God redefining His people of old in relation to Jesus. God continues to do this so that the church is true to the gospel and culturally relevant.

Set free to serve.


Galatians 5. Set free in order to serve others – in the church and outside of the church. Love others as you would want to be loved.

Live in freedom for Jesus.


Galatians 4: 11 – 20. Having a heart to help others who are struggling, helping them to be right with God. Not bounded but not fuzzy either.  There is a right way to live in freedom for Jesus

Galatians 3: 1-14.


Galatians 3: 1-14. Paul’s use of the OT to counter Jewish religiosity – even Abraham was justified by faith, not by law Seeing the OT in a culturally relevant way today.

Focused and consistent.


Galatians 2. Focused on Jesus, not on what others might think or say. Being consistent, walking a straight line rather than being hypocritical – as Paul thought Peter was being.

Saved by grace.


Galatians Chapter 1 We are saved by grace alone; freedom from being bound by laws/religiosity/ritual.  Introduction to series and ‘centred-set’ approach to church life.