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2020. What do you see?


Isaiah 6:1-8 Isaiah’s vision turned his life around, simply because he became open to God and all that God had in store for him. This perfect vision – this 2020 vision – became pivotal for Isaiah’s life. He was touched by a living coal and so knew the removal of guilt and the forgiveness of […]

I, the Lord don’t change.


Malachi. There’s a fascinating heading in the NIV, half way through chapter 3. It says, “Robbing God”. It seems strange in some ways to think that we can steal from God, but the message of Malachi makes it clear that we can. He focuses on the need to teach faithfully (chp 1 & 2) because […]

Treasuring and pondering.


Luke 2: 8-19. Christmas is a time for treasuring and pondering. What memories from 2018 will you treasure? What are you pondering for 2019? Treasuring – Pondering –

Listen to Me.


1 Samuel 3: 1-10. Whilst we might be able to multi-task with some things, when it comes to listening, it needs our full attention. God didn’t give us two ears so that we could half listen to two things at the same time! We can only fully hear the voice of the Lord when we […]

Hand in Hand.


Nehemiah 11:1 to 12:43 Some people relocate in order for Jerusalem to flourish. It’s quite a step (!) and underlines the city’s central role in shaping national identity, focussing worship and guiding how the people live. The newly-rebuilt wall is dedicated as part of worship that’s carefully planned and everyone joins in wholeheartedly (cf. 12.43). […]