The message of Micah speaks into the circumstances of a once united nation that is now split into two kingdoms. There is now godlessness in the midst of prosperity, and God’s sovereign rule is set against the apparent security offered by worldly kings. Chapters 1-3 set out the brokenness of the covenant bond that the Lord’s people have moved away from. Yet, even in the midst of brokenness there’s hope as the Lord says, “I will gather you” (2:12). Chapters 4-7, whilst still peppered with the risk of ongoing brokenness, set out the fullness of hope in the Lord’s plan for a Messiah to fix the brokenness of life, and to bring back the Lord’s people into the fullness of covenant relationship. The warning of destruction set out in the message of Micah is put into the shadows by the opportunity for healing, forgiveness, restoration, wholeness – HOPE – in that same message.

This includes an update from Terry on Hope and Kindness in Kosele.