Living the Gospel

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Living with acceptance.


Luke 1: 26 – 45. Like Zechariah, Mary had a question: “How can this be?”, again the word of the Lord gave an explanation. Mary was moved into a place of acceptance as she listened to the angel’s message. Her God-ordained circumstances, her living experience of the Lord’s activity in her life, would take her […]

Living with certainty.

Luke 1:1-25, 57-66. December is a month of preparation, anticipation and excitement! Those are certainly the messages we hear through the different aspects of our “commercialised December”. Let’s be honest, though… December is also filled with messages of busyness and stress, perhaps through expectations that express where we should be, who we need to spend […]

Nothing can separate us from God’s love.


Romans 8:29-30; Psalm 139:7-12. This is more than a gap-filler to make a teaching series fit into the right number of weeks! The gospel truth that nothing “will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” is so important that it deserves a second look. How […]

Glorious Conquerors.


Romans 8:18-37. Paul comes back to the reality of our suffering and struggles (see chapter 5) and here sets it squarely alongside Christian hope. Hope dwarfs suffering. It puts it in the shadows. How? Because “in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us” (vs. 37). Therefore, nothing can separate […]

Learning to dance with the Spirit.


Romans 8: 1-17. Paul explains here how we are to live by God’s ways as best we can, empowered by the Spirit. He urges us to seek out a rhythm for life that sets our lives by the Spirit – what some people describe as “learning to dance to the Spirit’s tune”. Paul gives us […]

Freedom of Life through Christ.


Romans 7: 1-25 Commentaries warn us to be careful not to try squeezing more meaning out of the illustrations we read in Roman’s than Paul would have intended. That’s certainly true for this chapter! Paul is not commenting in full about every aspect of marriage, but using just one headline example from the Mosaic law […]

Life’s first cry.


Romans 6: 1-23. In this chapter Paul tackles the challenge we face when we make “life’s first cry” as a new Christian: shall we keep sinning on purpose so that we can know God’s grace all the more?” (vs. 1) No – Our lives have been transformed in Christ! We’ll be looking at that alongside the […]

The Blessings of Justification.

Romans 5:1-21. The phrase “Alive in Christ” is echoed in the second half of this passage, and is coupled to the reasons Paul gives us to celebrate the results, or blessings of justification: we have peace with God (vs. 1); we are standing in grace (vs. 2a); we have the hope of the glory of […]

Faith without action is dead


Romans 1:14-17, 2:7, 3:21-22, 4:20. This might feel like a pause of our studies in Romans, but it’s more of a development of the themes we’ve looked at so far! As we hear from the BMS Action Team about the outworking for their faith, what can we learn from them about “living the gospel” ourselves?

God’s way, not our way.


Romans 3:1 to 4:25. Paul is clear: our righteousness and justification aren’t gained by the things that we do, but only through faith in Christ. We are only “justified freely by His grace”. The things that we do follow as a response of faith from those seeking to be “living the gospel”.