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Psalm 100; Philippians 4:4-7; James 1:2-8

Psalm 100 is an exhortation to joyfully come before the Lord with praise and thanksgiving. It’s an uplifting Psalm that highlights the enduring love and faithfulness of the Lord. Philippians 4 adds to that with its encouragement to “Rejoice in the Lord always”. Hmmm… “always”…? Now look at James 1: “Consider it our joy whenever you face trials…”. The Bible encourages us to maintain a consistent prayer life of joy and thanksgiving, even when the things that are going on around us are not good. That’s going to take another step of humility if we are to pray with joy and thanksgiving, rather than anger and outrage when life is hard. How can we help each other to maintain a prayer life that’s filled with joy and thanksgiving?