Alive in Christ

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Know your DNA.


Romans 12: 1-21 Our DNA makes us who we are. So who are we? We bless and show generous hospitality. We learn and we listen. We live out courageous faith and intentional mission. Why? That’s the big question that we hope people will ask us. “Why do you do those things?”. And our answer? Well […]

Here am I, send someone else.


Exodus 3:7 -4:13; Isaiah 6:1-8; Luke 10:1-17 When we are fully “living questionable lives” people around us will notice and ask about our worldview and values. That’s because what we see will be distinctive. It will look and feel different, in good ways. Then the questions will start! This is the way of life for […]

Listen to Me.


1 Samuel 3: 1-10. Whilst we might be able to multi-task with some things, when it comes to listening, it needs our full attention. God didn’t give us two ears so that we could half listen to two things at the same time! We can only fully hear the voice of the Lord when we […]

Be generous with hospitality.


Luke 19: 1-10. How often do we view a meal table as a sacred place? Jesus spent a lot time eating with people, and some He chose to dine with provoked plenty of questions! How often do we show hospitality to other people? Michael Frost says: “The table is the great equalizer in relationships. When […]

Live to Bless.


Living questionable lives – Live to Bless. Philippians 2: 1-11. This week’s task: “I will bless three people this week, at least one of whom is not a member of our church”. We underestimate the impact of blessing someone. A word of encouragement or affirmation, an act of kindness, or a thoughtful gift can bless […]

Get ready for questions.


Colossians 3:1 to 4:6. What does it mean for us today to be “Living questionable lives”? What will it mean tomorrow, next month, next year? Being intentional and consistent are two keys that will unlock our understanding. So will spontaneity and the unexpected. Here’s how Michael Frost describes it, ” we need the impetus to […]

Unity and Sincerity.


Matthew 6:12-15; Luke 11:4 A prayer-filled life of intimacy with God and trusting Him in all things needs to include seeking forgiveness for ourselves, from others, and towards others. A life of unity is vital for the flourishing of God’s Kingdom, and it’s reflected in the sincerity of our hearts of love. Anything less distorts […]

Give us our daily bread.

Matthew 6:7-13, Luke 11:3 “Give us our daily bread” is about being open to the Lord providing us with what we need to sustain our lives. That’s quite different to asking the Lord to give us what we want. As we pray for the Lord to provide in the ways that He sees best, we […]

Pray for intimacy and guidance.


Matthew 6: 1-10; Luke 11:2 A vital part of our prayer lives is that we understand the intimacy it brings between us and God. To be able to pray “Our Father” is an awesome privilege, and one that we must not take lightly. It binds us in relationship to God. Then we can pray “Lord, […]

Be My child.


Luke 18: 15 – 17. Jesus invites us to come to Him as a child who is able to trust easily, and so establish faith in an uncomplicated way. How can we recapture a childlike approach to our relationship with Jesus, yet still know the deep significance of a relationship with Him?