John 17: 1 – 26.

One biblical scholar has described this chapter of John as “perhaps the most sacred passage in the four gospels” (W Temple), and another as “one of the mountain peaks of revelation in this gospel” (B Milne). Jesus, on the way to the cross, pauses to pray. He includes his own needs, not for His own gain, but so that the full glory of God the Father will be revealed through God the Son. Then Jesus prays for His disciples, and all believers. All that we do in mission and ministry has already been captured in the prayers of Jesus as He intercedes for those who serve the Lord to live in obedience to what He has taught them (vs. 7), to know protection (vs. 11-12), be filled with joy (vs. 13), and live in unity (vs. 22). Jesus has given His all to us! Be encouraged that Jesus prays for you, and include that blessing in your life and as you pray for others.