Caused by others: 6:60-71; 9:35-41; 10:22-42; 11:45-57; 12:37-50; 18:15-18; 18:25-27
Predicted by Jesus: 5:16-47; 12:20-36; 13:18-38; 15:18 – 16:4

This is the first theme in John that focuses on something negative. So many of those around Jesus rejected Him, His ways, His teaching and the fullness of life that He was offering. It’s perhaps easier to see how that would happen with those who rejected Jesus from their positions of influence, than it is to see it happening by someone as close to Jesus as Peter. The incredible thing to notice is that so much of the confusion about who Jesus is, and the depth of the rejection of Him, is all predicted by Jesus before it happened – yet none of that deterred Him from being and doing all that He came to be and do. Will we include ourselves in those who are confused by Jesus and so reject Him? Or will we include ourselves in those who embrace the fullness of life that He offers us?