1 Peter 2:11 to 3:7.

Peter is very focused in this section on outwardly visible and transforming glory. That begins with the call for us to live “good lives”, especially when we are with unbelievers so that they will be drawn to faith by the ways that they can see God’s people living.

He then moves on by using two examples from the world around him at the time – slaves & masters, wives & husbands. In both cases, those who were seen by the world at the time as being in a more privileged position (masters & husbands) were told that they needed to show respect to those who were treated less honourably (slaves & wives). In return, respect received should be reciprocated through the outworking of a willing life. Why? To reflect the glory of God to those whose lives need to be transformed and redeemed (verse 12).

How do we need to live differently so that the same will be happening more readily in our own time?