Galatians 3:1-14.

In Galatians Paul challenges the thoughts that had crept into the church about the need to maintain Old Testament ceremonial practices. Instead, his theology is firmly fixed on the truth that it is by faith alone that we are made right with God, and that faith is lived out in the freedom of the Spirit. Paul highlights that our willingness to serve God in the church has nothing to do with being seen to be doing all the right or best things to score points, but it has everything to do with serving the Lord as a response of worship.

Much like the early church in Acts 2 is described as “They devoted themselves…” (Acts 2:42), Paul is eager to remind the church in Galatia how they serve each other, and care for each other, must only ever be a reflection of a heart of worship and a response of faith that longs to see the church built up and each person flourishing.

Are we reflecting a heart of worship and a response of faith as fully as we ought to be as we serve God together within the church?