Over the last few weeks we have been learning more about how to grow holistically and experience a transforming relationship with God through “Becoming more like Jesus”. That needs to be the ongoing focus of our lives, and the formation of Life Groups will play a big part. Now, as we celebrate the new life of our risen Saviour on Easter Sunday, this is not the end!

Dave Smith writes: “Although it took the disciples some time to believe and embrace the full significance of Jesus’ resurrection, ultimately, their personal encounters with the risen Christ completely changed their lives. The same message has the power to change our lives today”.

As we spend time over the coming weeks exploring those resurrection encounters with Jesus, and are “convinced or re-convinced about the certainty of Jesus’ resurrection” (Dave Smith), we too can have our own life-transforming encounter with the risen Christ. As you approach these studies, pray:

  • That your FAITH may be strengthened as you, like the first disciples, see convincing proofs that Jesus is alive and the true Lord of all.
  • That your LOVE may be deepened as you, like the disciples on the Emmaus road, encounter the living and risen Christ through His Word, through His presence and through the breaking of bread.
  • That your HOPE may be increased as you get a foretaste of the future and of what life will be like when Christ returns.

In the first of the series we encounter Jesus when He cried  out in anguish from the cross for the last time (Mt.27:50), the Centurion at the foot of the cross declared  “Surely He was the Son of God” (Mt.27:54). Today we celebrate that truth as we worship Jesus as our risen Lord and Saviour, and witness to Him through the waters of baptism.