Now, as we hold all that we have discovered through “Signs of hope in the Bible” and “Signs of hope through Belonging, Growing, Serving”, we’ll be spending time “Finding Christmas”. We want to make sure that we find the fullness of Christmas and fully understand it as another of our “Signs of hope”. Aside from all of the other aspects of Christmas that we will readily enjoy, to one degree or another, (decorations, presents, food, time with family, etc.!), we need to also make sure that we give enough time to finding meaning through God’s message of love, peace, joy, hope and truth.

1 John 4: 7 – 21.

What are we actually celebrating if we take the source of the love out of Christmas? Without love, Christmas becomes empty. If we want to be able to find the fullness of Christmas, first of all we need to find the source of the love that makes it Christmas.