Romans 8: 1-17.

Renewal through the Holy Spirit happens as we turn away from our “old” selves, and embrace our “new” selves.

Turn away from the “old” you (vs. 1-11): Bound by the law of sin & death (vs. 1-2); Minds controlled by the “sinful nature” lead to destruction and death (vs. 5-9); Sinful nature: anger, hatred, fear, etc., no place for God.

Embrace the “new” you (vs. 12-17): No condemnation (vs. 1-2); Minds controlled by the spirit brings life and peace (vs. 5-9); Our obligation is to have a Spirit-filled desire of heart and mind to follow God (vs. 12-14).

The life renewed by the Spirit displays the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5 vs. 22).