Acts 5:12-39; Acts 8:1-8; Acts 17; Acts 25

We are called to be the presence of Jesus in the world around us, to serve the poor, the broken, the vulnerable and the lost (Acts 25). Whilst our Covid-19 lockdown has perhaps taught us new ways of staying connected with people, we also need to be ready to go out to be with people.

Jesus commissioned the early church to go out into a hostile world – not long before the commissioning to go to “the ends of earth” in Acts 1, “the world” tried in vain to eradicate Christianity by crucifying Jesus. As the church moved outwards, they were persecuted, but they also had a transformational impact on the world.

Without ignoring the vital place of the gathered, worshipping church (e.g.: services in buildings), how can we reclaim our calling to be present in the world and so take the transforming love of Jesus to all people in all places?