Acts 29.

“Be a church that’s willing to take a risk for Christ and so step up, step out and so step into all that God has for you. The church in Acts was unleashed in its power and potential as a carrier of God’s presence. But it was also unleashed from its old thinking and the wrong way of understanding itself and the world in which it lives. The Acts church was liberated to serve God’s purposes and plans” (Malcolm Duncan, Spring Harvest, April 2020).

The book of Acts in our Bibles ends at chapter 28, but the “ending” is written in a way that feels unfinished. That’s because the church didn’t stop then! Acts 29 still needed to be written. It was those who came next who had the responsibility of writing the next chapter. How will we write up the next chapter of Bromsgrove Baptist Church – as “church in all its fullness”, or something else?