John 2:1 – 25; John 6 1 – 24.

John very quickly moves from introducing the person of Jesus, to emphasising the miraculous power of Jesus. In doing that he confronts his readers early on with an understanding of Jesus through a revelation of his glory. Yes, the miracles are a sign of power as in the other gospels, but for John there’s something more going on. The way he focuses on the miracles points us back to the significance of Jesus through the things He was doing. In chapter 2 that’s all set alongside an act of holiness as Jesus clears, or cleanses, the temple. Bruce Milne explains that the miraculous and the holy are set out by John early on in his gospel to establish the terms of Jesus’ ministry. He goes on to suggest that they are also an eschatological forerunner of the first acts of Jesus when comes again “to purify the whole visible Church and hold a marriage supper” (Milne, BST, p.63). We’re included in the desire of Jesus to see the miraculous and the pure happening in our lives so that we can experience the fullness of life with Him.