She’s the queen of her tower, the mistress of mischief. With big hair and even bigger dreams Rapunzel’s curls fizz like fireworks and her imagination roams wild and free. Rapunzel stands out. Or she would if anyone was there to see her. She’s been told that like her hair, she needs to be tamed because the outside world isn’t ready for her yet.

Across the city, a young Prince wants to be alone. Overshadowed by his brother, he’s never fitted in and knows he’ll never be the King everyone expects. On the eve of his coronation, he makes a run for it – straight to a lonely tower in the woods. Could this shy boy be the key to Rapunzel’s freedom? Or is the world too much of a scary place to be yourself?

Let your hair down this Christmas and join Saltmine Theatre Company’s unexpectedly twisty tall tale as we unravel the knots of being different, being free – and being yourself. The performance is on 17th December 2021 at Bromsgrove Baptist Church and it starts at 7pm, with doors open at 6.30pm. There are no seats left.

Please be aware we are taking Covid precautions as outlined in the HM Government documents covering Indoor events and Theatres. This will include the following:-

  • We ask that any people who are isolating, have tested positive within 10 days using either a Lateral Flow or PCR Test DO NOT attend. If you and your party could do a LFT prior to arriving that would be very helpful.
  • Face coverings are no longer required by law, but the HM Government guidance recommends that people should wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed settings where they come into contact with people they do not normally meet. We ask you and your party to adopt this precaution if this is possible for you.
  • We will be using open windows and doors within the building to increase ventilation. Please wrap up warm.
  • We will be using various systems to control movement into and around the building and we ask you to adhere to all instructions given to you by the stewards.
  • We will also be seeking to provide a space between your party and everyone else for social distancing. Please assist us with this.
  • Areas where there are likely to be concentrations of people will be cleaned frequently during the evening. Hand sanitisers will be available at the entrance and our expectation is that everyone will use them as they enter the building.
  • The NHS QR Code will be available just prior to your entrance. Please use this if you have a device capable of logging your details.
  • Finally, we are following guidance and seeking to enable the ordering, delivery and payment of all tickets via an on-line system. Please use this if you can.