Our Sunday morning services begin at 10:30am in our church building and on live stream. Refreshments, if available, will be served from 10:00am.

Please be aware that we have chosen to leave some of our Covid safety measures in place for your benefit. We would ask for your support with the following:

•       Maintain Covid-safe ventilation – windows will be open. Please do bring extra layers in the colder months.

•       Continue to encourage everyone to hand sanitise as they enter the building. Hand sanitiser is available throughout the building.

•       You are welcome to continue to wear a face covering, although this is not mandatory.

•       There is an area within the church where you can continue to socially distance yourself and family from others. Please speak to one of our stewards if you would like us to show you where you can find this area.

•       We will not be passing round an offering bag during our service. If you wish to make a donation towards the work of the church, please use the box provided which can be found in our foyer.

•       Continue to serve communion by dropping the bread into people’s hands, and holding the trays whilst people remove their own cup.