Shops are bursting with gift ideas and decorations ready for us to buy. There are cards to be written, menus to be planned, people to invite and parties to be organised.

So, Christmas an exciting time of the year! But for some it will feel stressful, a burden and a lonely time that leaves them asking, “Why bother?”. If we get so caught up in things that we feel that we have to do, that “Why bother?” is a fair question

For Christians, the answer is simple: love. Christmas is meaningless without the love at the centre of it all that’s shown to us in the birth of Jesus, and the life that he lived.

The Son of God, Jesus, born as a baby, is God’s ultimate gift of love to the world. He came, in person, to live amongst us, to show us what love truly is. Do join us in our celebrations as we explore the love of God that we find through Jesus – that’s where our true Christmas excitement is!