What things have stood out for you during 2018?

Some things have been very dominant in our news and have created much concern and uncertainty as to what the future holds.

Other things have been celebratory, giving us lighter moments that have punctuated the less uplifting times with some sense of relief or hope.

No doubt still other things sit somewhere between a sense of despair and the elation of joy.

Christmas gives us an opportunity to see again that into the midst of the messiness of life that affects us all to some extent, Jesus was born to save the world from hopeless despair.

The messy times will still happen, but they are not the end of the story.

God has given us through Jesus all that we need to shape our lives around a hope-filled future.

Join us as we celebrate this Christmas time, and discover the hope that is offered to you through Jesus.

Sunday 23rd December        10:30am         Children’s Nativity

Christmas Eve                            4:00pm            Christingle & Carol  Service

Christmas Eve                            11:30pm           Communion Service

Christmas Day                           10:00am           Family Celebration