Hi, and thanks for checking us out.

If you come to us on a Sunday you’ll be in church with everyone else for the first part of our usual weekly service. If you want to, you might take an active role in the service, and we often have presentations and music included especially for you.

You come out into your own group room at about 11.15am until the end of the service. This part of your Sunday is called J Team.

Your group is for school years 7+ and we follow a booklet called “The GRID”

Your group is more discussion-based than those for the children. We study the Bible and how it effects our lives today and there are activities including quizzes, and games, with IT and audio input. We’re happy for you to make suggestions and tell us what you like to do.

See Youth page for details for Sprout, Sparks & Youth Worship Project

Our safeguarding policy can be found here.

If you would like to contact someone about our children’s group please click here